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Dialysis Family Dinner
This is the 6th year Fungates Superflow Foundation celebrates the Dialysis Family Day with the single-minded objective to make the patients happy and to forget their identities as dialysis patients. To make a day different in their life with a lasting fond memories.

The event was fixed on Sunday, 25th August 2019 over a fun-filled, all joyous celebration amongst all invited guests; our patients and their families, nurses and staff of the dialysis center together with leaders and staff of Fungates Supeflow Foundation all in a big family!

Auntie Clarine, our founder officiated the event with a heart-warming message to the patients with a note of appreciation and praise for their courage to face life’s challenges.She also thanked the nurses and staff of Fungates Foundation for putting up a good job in preparing the event.

Interactive, fun games rotated with lucky draws in between rolled out in succession with our cheerful masters of ceremony taking the audiences through one excitable round of winning applause to another with lots of attractive prizes of cash vouchers and hampers, driving the crowds all screaming and cheering!!

The theme and highlight for this year is "You've Got Talent" set in a singing competition to be held amongst the patient participants with the inspiration to focus on their talents rather than their physical problems which proved to be effective to see how the patient participants really enjoying themselves in the singing with an uplifted spirit and totally forgetting their pain.

There were eight total contestants. Initially, the patients were uncertain and reluctant to participate in the competition. However, with much encouragement from the leaders and staff of Fungates Foundation, they finally agreed with no regrets then because we believe after going through the competition, they have found the joy in discovering their talent and confidence.

Besides the fun, gifts and prizes, everyone was also treated with a great meal to spice up the day.

The event ended with everyone leaving with an uplifted spirit and bringing home lots of fond memories.

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