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Joy in a Toy Christmas Party
“Mirror, mirror on the wall, we don’t have to be the fairest of them all.” was the theme that addressed the most significant message to the audiences. For the parents, perhaps for the first time in their lives, they were taught that their children need not have to compete to be the best but just to do their best for others.

On entering the hall, one was exposed to the beautifully decorated and brightly-lit Christmas shelves on the stage which were stacked with lots of Christmas gifts on its compartments to capture the delights of the children. At the same time, it gave the feeling that one was walking down memory lane in history relived to be greeted by the different characters in the “Snow White story”. You could see many personifications of dwarves, the beautiful Snow Whites, the handsome princes and even the wicked queens walking around!

The event started with our founder, Auntie Clarine giving a welcoming speech and followed by a sing-along Christmas medley to give an exciting start.

The children were entertained with a very interactive and fun competition of showing their distorted, funny faces captured and reflected in the magic camera. There were so much cheering and screaming as the children of different teams rushing forward to score point for their teams. At the same time, an educational video about forgiveness was also featured to create strong bonding between teacher and students. The issue of forgiveness was raised and Auntie Clarine asked a few children to go up the stage to answer the question about their understanding of forgiveness which was a touching moment for all.

What could be more inspiring than to launch a self-written story book by Janelle, a twelve-year old teenage girl. The book was shared and presented on the multimedia with the children. A copy of the book was given to each Home.

Another note-worthy performance was the puppet show presented by the Form 1 students of the Tutorial services under the Fungates Superflow Foundation which received thunderous applause from the audiences, especially the children. To round up the fun and enjoyment, there were two other performances of singing and dancing which were presented by the secondary students of the foundation respectively.

To end the day on a memorable note, sweets were showered all across the hall for the happy children.

The Home caregivers were not forgotten as they were given appreciation with a beautiful household gift and lots of door gifts were also given out to the guests to take home for a great rewarding day.

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