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Joy in a Toy Christmas Party
On 19th December 2015, about 350 children from 19 homes and their caregivers and 153 children from the Jinjang community gathered for a fun and explosive Christmas Party organised by the Fungates Superflow Foundation in partnership with Mattel (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

The event hall was decorated with colourful balloons, gift packs, toys, school bags and more gives a great first impression for the children of what is coming up ahead. All volunteers dressed up in either a super heroes, a prince or princess’ costume. This immediately builds rapport with the children and caregivers. They were mesmerised by the many different types of characters that were present.

Our Founder, Ms Clarine Chun herself kicks off the whole event with an exuberant atmosphere by flooding the hall with giant balloons accompanied by heart pumping background music. It was awesome!

You could hear a pin drop as Ms Clarine tells a wonderful story of “The Girl with the Mixed Up Hair”. She shared life lessons to the children. The children not only came to have fun but also to take home good values and principles in life that will help them in their everyday living. The children were encouraged to think and appreciate the real superheroes in the community like the fireman, garbage disposal man, doctors, teachers and most of all their very own caregivers.

Then volunteers put together an awe-inspiring superhero dance followed by a short skit depicting that our love for people is the driving force for an ordinary person to be a superhero.

In this event, we took the opportunity to recognise, honour and appreciate the caregivers of all the children homes who is the real superhero. They have been working tirelessly in taking care of them and seeing to their needs every moment.

The celebration was completed in the Spirit of Giving with the giving out of toys, school bags filled with many snacks and many other items. Each child received a brand new toy, courtesy of Mattel (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

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