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Jinjang Christmas Luncheon
The annual Jinjang Christmas Luncheon has arrived once again with 330 people in attendance. The Fungates Superflow Foundation, in collaboration with InTouch members flocked to Crystal Crown, Petaling Jaya to host the event.

Every year, the heartbeat of the Foundation is simply to appreciate the patrons of the Jinjang Soup Kitchen with a decadent feast and loads of gifts. This is why, we wish to thank our 2018 sponsors: Atomy,Kara Marketing and Mars Food Malaysia, each donating their share of generous gifts to spice up the event. Foundation staff and Intouch members also personally prepared gift bags to each guest, for that extra special touch.

The event started with a warm, welcoming speech by founder, Clarine Chun, followed by a Christmas carol sing-a-long. As always, the highlight of the event soon followed - the lucky draw! Foundation Trustees took to the stage to draw out the “lucky numbers”, while excited guests rushed to collect their cash vouchers. The vouchers ranged from RM50-RM1,000, entitling them to a shopping spree at Aeon Jusco.

Games and laughter went on with a ‘Guess-and-Sing-the-Song’ session. Famous songs were purposefully warped and distorted, while participants had to try their best to guess the song. Participants ran to the microphone to try to sing out the rest of the song, correctly. All were entertained. There was also an interactive pass-the-cup game. When the music played, each guest had to pass cups using straws to the person sitting next to them. The team to complete all ten cups around the table, in the fastest time received winning prizes.

There was also Christmas message delivered by Clarine Chun to speak on the true meaning of Christmas. A scrumptious lunch soon followed. Guests were grinning from ear to ear, and left with their hearts and bellies full.

From start to finish, the entire event reflected the true spirit of Christmas - joy, laughter, giving and great bonding. Not a single person went home empty handed, in fact they left with armfuls of abundance and love.

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