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Tutorial Awards Presentation
Sunday, 20th October 2019, 5.30pm - 8.00pm
Crystal Crown Hotel, Kepong

Developing "Star Students" Through Collaboration

COLLABORATION - was the theme of this year's Tutorial Awards Dinner. Together with our various community partners - Heads of schools, Teachers, and Tutors of the Fungates Superflow Foundation Education Services, we worked closely with the parents of the students to develop positive transformation in all our students. Our dream is to raise up many "STAR" students' among the underprivileged to have a spirit of excellence. Throughout the event, the message of collaboration was clearly seen and felt, from the glittering star-lit backdrop to the various performances and presentations.

The event opened with an entertaining Puppet performance that mesmerized and captivated audiences. The crowd cheered excitedly at the novelty of a Puppetry performance made to the upbeat rap and inspiring song, "Hall of Fame". Next, a lively skit on collaboration was performed by the Standard 6 students featuring a classic example of collaboration among the teachers, tutors and parents working together to help transform problematic children. There was a fun, interactive game that tested the audience's collaborative skills over a sumptuous dinner. Prizes were given out to the winning groups.

"Hearing is Believing" - A Touching Sharing by Shalini

Next,one of our Form 4 students,Shalini shared her sincere story on how the Foundation has helped her in her studies and groomed her towards having a positive outlook in life. Many were inspired by her testimony. This testimony was followed by a light-hearted guitar presentation.

No One Goes Unnoticed for Recognition...

1. Volunteer Teachers
Recognition awards were given out to all deserving volunteer teachers for their commitment and dedication towards the development of the students. A special recognition was also given out to our teacher's trainer: Dr. Vighna for his series of Professional and empowering training conducted for the teachers.

2. Students Awards & Categories
The student awards were given out in 3 categories namely; "The Best Improvement","The Best in Attendance" and, "The Most Outstanding Students of the Year Awards".

A noteworthy feature of "The Best Character Award" is that judging criteria was based on improvements in behavior and attitude. Students with noted improvements were awarded to inspire others to do likewise.

3. Special Inclusive Recognition for Parents
A new special recognition award was also included this year for parents who showed active participation towards programs organized by the Tutorial Services. The move is to generate interest and responsive collaboration from other non-active parents to take an active role towards their child's future.

4. A Heart-Warming Heart-to-Heart Talk by the Founder
Our founder, Auntie Clarine wrapped up the night with the delivery of a touching heart-to-heart talk appealing to all to continue to work for our future generations in the Jinjang community.Tokens of Appreciation were also given out to teachers of Fungates Superflow Foundation for their dedication.

No one Goes Home Empty Handed...

The night ended with everyone bringing home lots of gifts and fond memory of a great collaborating time spent together.

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